Kenny Beats Brings You Into The Studio With Your Favorite Artist On ‘The Cave’

Riley Furey

Four years ago Kenny Beats debuted The Cave which allows artists to put their hair down during a relaxed studio session, and he has showcased artists including Doja Cat and Omar Apollo before they became the refined products that they are today. Fast forward to 2023, The Cave now averages more views than a Genius Verified video.

To fully understand how Kenny got to the point of being able to have artists of this caliber on his show, we have to backtrack a little bit. While he has always had a love for rap music, the success did not come as soon as he would have hoped. It actually took him until he was about 25 to start getting his footing in the genres he loved.

Before attending (and later dropping out) of Berklee, Kenny got a few absolute dream placements. He made a song with Kendrick, and he made a song with Mac Miller, but he was struggling with getting any kind of pay day in the scene.

Sometimes the world pulls us in different directions before bringing us where we want to go, and whether Kenny meant to or not, he ended up becoming a part of a budding DJ duo called Loudpvck during the early 2010’s boom of EDM music. Kenny found success in traveling the world and playing huge stages, only to come home and feel more uninspired than he's ever been.

Eventually Kenny hit one of the darkest points of his life, and all he would do is make beats alone in his studio. Until one day, his best friend (and now manager) pulled him out of his rut by saying the words every aspiring producer wants to hear. After 45 minutes of listening to beats Kenny made, Mike Power broke the silence and said, “I think you can be the biggest producer in rap music.” (Quote can be found in this Twitch Clip)

And while success didn't come overnight, this lit a fire under him. He began to get more and more steady placements with artists like Ski Mask The Slump God, Vince Staples, and so many others. With the help of his team around him, Kenny set off to make himself indispensable to the artists he worked with, and the product of that is the brand Don’t Over Think Shit.

This team has gone on to do some amazing things; whether it was securing placements with Dominic Fike on a few of his biggest songs to date including Phone Numbers and the recently Billboard charted Spider-man single Mona Lisa, or getting Grammy Nominated with one of his favorite bands IDLES, Kenny has made himself known as a secret sauce to make something special.

After a long bout of sharing other artists’ stories, Kenny released his first full length album LOUIE that enlisted features from Vince Staples, Remi Wolf, Omar Apollo, and JPEGMAFIA to name a few, and he also got his own Limited Fender Mustang to complement the project that was sold exclusively at a pop up shop for the album in LA.

As Kenny started to get the success he wanted in the industry, he leveraged his position and brought us all inside the studio with him – creating the reason that we’re all here today, The Cave. He has shown us the inside scoop on what a free flowing studio session is like with artists all the way from Joji and Mac Demarco, to Rico Nasty and Zack Fox. Four years later he is now on his fourth and final season of the star studded show, and he is planning to go out with an absolute bang.

This season already debuted with the most requested guest in the show’s history, Ski Mask the Slump God, and promises to deliver us artists from all over the industry with the most recent episode being with d4vd. I’ve been trying my best to predict who will be on the show next, and I am asking the stars for a Dominic Fike episode, and for one with the rising UK rapper Knucks.

I've been tuning in for every single episode since the beginning, and while you can't make up the time you lost, you can surely tune in for what has the possibility of being a legendary lineup of artists in the coming months. If you’re a fan of music, I promise you won’t regret giving this show a try. Don’t believe me? Feel free to ask any of the 100,000+ people in his Discord.

Watch The Cave on Kenny Beats’ Youtube Channel, and tune into his Instagram for updates on what's to come for the rest of in Season 4.

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