Projects Released in February You Should Be Listening To

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While this mostly is the case for every one of these monthly installments, I’ve really been looking forward to this particular round up. February was a fruitful month in terms of new releases, so much so that I made myself a playlist to keep track of all the music I really wanted to listen to, and later write about. So in the spirit of reflection and passionate recommendation, here are four projects released last month you should be listening to.

Powder Blue by Begonia

Recommended track: “Married By Elvis”

An illustrious project, filled with soulful reflections on life, love, and identity, Begonia's Powder Blue may as well be the musical oasis we never knew we needed. Most of the appeal of the record is found in the instrumental structure of the tracks as well as her vocal performances. Armed with a detonating vocal range and poignant storytelling she successfully pulls her listener in all the right directions. For anybody who hasn’t given this record a listen, consider this a sign from the universe to dive into Powder Blue.

Desire, I Want to Turn Into You by Caroline Polachek

Recommended tracks: “Believe” and “Butterfly Net”

Any casual Caroline Polachek listener would know that she knows her way around topics pertaining to love and infatuation, however I would argue that none of us have seen it at the scale at which it is displayed on her latest record. Desire, I Want to Turn Into You sees Caroline embody her romantic desires, devotions, and hang ups, one track at a time. Performed with other-worldly enchantment and precision, this Desire will certainly speak to your inner romantic devout. 

blotter baby by mazie 

Recommended tracks: “another life” and “somebody to lose”

Nothing beats an ambitious and well executed debut, and that’s exactly what mazie delivered with her LP, blotter baby. A psychedelic pop concoction, which levels with the past, present and future, blotter baby offers listeners a sensory experience like none other. From more laid back and layered acoustic tracks like, “give up!” to a euphoric yet contemplative track like “another life,” mazie manages to bring her own flair to a rather hefty and  invasive genre.

Having taken on the conceptual beast that is the debut album – and with ease might I add – mazie seems to be more than worthy of her crown.

flounder by quinnie

Recommended tracks: “man” and “security question”

Another debut for the books, singer and TikTok sensation, quinnie, has finally shared her debut flounder. A collection of tracks, which display her ethereal vocals and lyrical honesty, flounder is an easy going indie-folk record that covers pretty significant topics. From “man,” which outlines an abusive relationship, to “security question,” and ode to one's desire for closeness, quinnie navigates murky waters with a grounded sense of perspective. Delicate and sprinkled with traditional folk qualities, quinnie’s proven her creativity to be an abundant well of wisdom and wonder.

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