Quadie Diesel & Lil Yachty Release High Energy Visual for “Byegonez”

Carter Fife

Is it fair to say the hip-hop drought of 2021 is over yet? Between new music from Kenny Mason, Isaiah Rashad, Pi’erre Bourne and Migos, 2021’s hip-hop roster seems to be pretty stacked – and it only keeps growing. Today Delaware rapper Quadie Diesel returns with “Byegonez,” his hot new single featuring Lil Yachty. With Working on Dying on production, the two deliver insanely polished verses surrounded by their fashionable peers and a nostalgic VHS film-grain. With hits like these, Quadie and Yachty are quickly grabbing all the W’s they can to make 2021 their year.

“Byegonez” is the newest release from Quadie Diesel since his two 2021 singles “Gangster” and “Gravy Baby” – and it seems like the young rapper has no intention of losing his momentum anytime soon. Alongside Lil Yachty the two artists deliver some of the hardest hip-hop verses heard so far this year, and their hectic visuals only amplify their collective swagger. Whether Quadie is rapping in his Murakami hoodie, or Yachty is rapping with his takeout container, the Pink Flamingo-directed visual spares no expense for this energy-filled video. Together the two have undeniable chemistry, a rare combination of raw talent and well-versed aesthetics that make their collaboration one of the strongest seen this year. Though Quadie may still be in the realm of upcoming rappers – with tracks like these, it won’t be long until he’s on hip-hop’s main stage.

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