Raspy Drops Feel-Good Song, "Strawberry Blonde"

Nate Fenningdorf

Rising artist Raspy has struck a note with his listeners through his new drop “Strawberry Blonde.” With an incredibly memorable hook and enchanting chorus, this is one of those songs that will be stuck in your head for days after listening.

Through a soothing vocal performance on the first hook that features relatable lyrics that delve into the subject of ditching friends in order to pursue a girl. The chorus follows this with laid-back, perfectly sculpted drums and sunny background vocals that compliment the captivating vocal melody brilliantly.

With over 326k monthly listeners, the LA-based artist has seen continued growth since he dropped his first single in 2019. Over the past three years, Raspy has effectively used his TikTok account to promote his music, he continued to show his savvy marketing skills in the build up to the release of “Strawberry Blonde.” So far, the song has over 20k streams on Spotify.

Keep a tab on Raspy as he continues building momentum through future feel-good releases. Listen to “Strawberry Blonde” below:

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