Illusion Hills Take a Step Towards the Light on Their Evolutionary Track, “genesis” (feat. Buppy.)

Olive Soki

Phases and transitions are a fact of life, and seemingly a detail Illusion Hills openly recognizes in their new single “genesis.” Present both conceptually through lyrics and sonically through lustrous production elements, “genesis” unfolds a triad of emotions, emulating the different stages found in the rigorous process of self-actualization.

Opening up with the promise of a new beginning, despite momentary aches and fragility, Buppy. solemnly sets intention for this emotional reinvention as he sings, “One more figh t/ I’ma win it / I got thick skin.” Aspirational and hazy, this verse portrays his first step towards the light. Although there’s an underlying sense of uncertainty, the promise of joy and happiness feels so close, it is nearly impossible to resist.

Strong, willed and dreamy, the chorus breaks through the hardened walls of doubt, offering grounds on which to rest during this treacherous ascent towards emotional prosperity. Moving on to the second stage, SAI unveils all the feelings of anguish that led up to this hopeful manifesto. Rougher than the previously optimistic verse, the song takes a turn, sonically portraying the growing pains of this rebirth, and the memories it evokes.

Following the second chorus, the third verse makes a full circle to the softer melodies found in the intro. Back at square one, instances of growth and turmoil are interwoven as Jay, accompanied by a scratchy and comforting acoustic guitar, softly sings the closing lines. Ambient and reflective, “genesis'” serves as a hopeful post-heartache mantra to consult while slowly rising from your personal ashes.

Being the collective's first single of the year and Buppy.’s second, “genesis” represents the eclecticism and talent of all artists involved, as they bare their hearts in the name of new beginnings.

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