Reg Mason Sets The Record Straight on “HANDSHAKES”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Hassan Mahmood

In preparation for the release of his debut album TESTDRIVE, the lights have never been brighter for New Jersey up-and-comer Reg Mason. On his new single, “HANDSHAKES,” Mason embraces the stage, taking control of the moment with precision and purpose. “This that Jersey boy grit, this that Jason Kidd,” he raps as an homage, proving his mettle with every bar delivered. A welcome addition to the track is fellow Garden State rapper GINI, who reveals a similar intent in his own performance. Together, the two long-time friends form a must-hear combination that speaks volumes to their respective talents. 

Shared with the single is a music video set in Mason’s uncle’s home in New Jersey, a setting that holds great significance in the artist’s love for music. The video opens with the camera panning outwards, which offers a more encompassing perspective of Mason, comparable to the effect of the song itself. Mason isn’t focused on making a charismatic impression to the camera; rather, he is singularly focused on the merit of his words, holding dear the authenticity in each syllable: “I been at this for a minute,” he raps as a home video of a young Mason playing the drums enters the frame. A true-to-form reflection of the track, “HANDSHAKES” presents Reg Mason as an artist with a stable understanding of his intentions.

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