Julia Cooper Delivers Addictive New Single “SUGAR RUSH”

Miles Opton

As we enter the holiday season, it’s time to unleash our sweet tooth. Whether it be for hot chocolate, peppermints, or your mom’s best pie, this is the time to let your calorie guard down and warm yourself up with the sweets. But let’s not forget about one of the most important sweets of them all… ear candy. Sometimes harnessing the same serotonin-infused effect as the other candies, ear candy songs can get us through the winter just as well. Luckily for us, last week Julia Cooper delivered us one of the sweetest songs of the year, “SUGAR RUSH.” 

The bubbly pop song is LA-based Julia Cooper’s third Spotify release, and it’s unlike anything we’ve heard from her before. Sporting a smooth and wide vocal range, Julia Cooper first caught the spotlight on The Voice in 2020, working with John Legend and continuing to build her strength as a vocalist. This year, she also put her talents on full display in her raw and powerful cover of Maggie Roger’s “Alaska.” 

But until now, Julia Cooper fans didn’t truly know who she was as an artist. It took her first independently written single to define her vision, and oh is it beautiful. “SUGAR RUSH” is an all-encompassing experience. From gorgeous layered harmonies, to vivacious ad-lib production, to a metaphor-laden narrative of walking to the candy store, Julia proves her talents include far more than just singing. Make sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and join Julia on her journey to stardom by streaming “SUGAR RUSH” below↓

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