Sarah and the Sundays "Vices" is a Soothing Ode To Growth and Change

Phin Choukas

Indie rock band Sarah and the Sundays reflects on growth and change with "Vices," their first release since their Half Way Home EP. While Half Way Home presents itself as bright and up-tempo, "Vices" begins in its feels, featuring a haunting guitar riff that quickly introduces equally soothing and reflective vocals from lead singer Liam Yorgensen.

"I’m just a psycho with spare time,
Once I get my head right,
I’m picking up the pieces that we’ve chosen to ignore."

"Vices" perfectly represents what Sarah and the Sundays is best at: sharing their undeniable knack for chords and hooks that move people both physically and emotionally. Being the result of their first studio creation, "Vices" is also a step forward for the group sonically. But, perhaps the most impressive aspect of this new track is the lyrics. "Vices" paints a retrospective picture that comes from a place of growth and change – not a simple expression of regret or positive development, but somewhere in-between.

"I’ve thrown my vices to the wind,
I’m better than I was,
I’ve been in crisis since the crib,
I’ve been painfully impulsive,
But you didn’t even let me say goodbye,
Was that really your decision?
You tend to leave me high and dry,
That idea’s come to fruition."

If "Vices" is a taste of what’s in store for the band’s upcoming record The Living End, we won’t be disappointed. Sarah and the Sundays continues to improve and refine their sound. Stream "Vices" below and stay tuned for more info regarding the band’s upcoming album.

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