Shannen James Returns with Dreamy Single, “Superstitious”

Rachael Jansky

They say the right person will find you when you stop looking. And when your paths finally cross, it often feels too good to be true. In her latest single, “Superstitious,” Shannen James captures the wave of emotions experienced when falling in love with someone when you least expected it.

Lyrically, “Superstitious” hears James carefully navigate a new relationship where everything seems to be going perfectly. An all too familiar feeling, James is careful to not jinx her own luck and remains cautiously optimistic about the relationship’s future. Sonically, the song is whimsical, with a punchy drum beat, subtle bass line, and elegant use of synths. The airiness of the track mimics the feeling of getting swept up into a daydream and an inability to stay grounded in reality out of pure joy. James says of the track,

“I’m really proud of Superstitious for many reasons, but one of them being that this song was completely written and recorded using zoom in isolation. Everything was feeling a little grim at that point in 2020, particularly living in Melbourne, so it just felt right to try make something that was uplifting and fun.”

“Superstitious” gives listeners an escape from the weight of the real world, and instead fall into the sonic equivalent of a comforting rom-com. James’ unique ability to envelop listeners into her own world through her music is further solidified with this track, an absolute must-listen.

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