Dominic Fike Adds Edge in Remi Wolf’s Sugary-Sweet “Photo ID”

Audrey Brandes

Remi Wolf’s “Photo ID” blew up this year – you might recognize the track’s punchy hook from TikTok, or in my case, hearing your friends humming it aloud nonstop. All I know is that it’s been stuck in my head for the past few months. The sugary sweet track weaves in soul-pop, disco influences, and groovy instrumentals to create a track that simply emanates the best vibes. Remi has teamed up with fan-favorite Dominic Fike on a remix of the track which dropped today. As if the song couldn’t get better. The two are an unassuming match made in heaven – Fike’s smooth and braggadocious bars juxtapose Remi’s sugary vocals, bringing a new edge to the flowery track.

If Remi Wolf’s “Photo ID” is a daffodil, Dominic Fike is the fertilizer. On its own, the track is perfectly pleasing, easy on the ears, and fun. With Fike’s added flair, the song grows even stronger – a hint of edge amidst the easily-digested sweetness of the song. If you’re already familiar with Remi Wolf’s “Photo ID,” check out  Dominic Fike’s collaboration to hear the song you love with some added heat.

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