Signed, a Social Fundraising App Officially Launches, Giving Independence to Creatives


Have you ever wished you could invest in the career of your friend who makes music? Or for you avid music listeners, have you every believed in an artist so much that you wished you could be apart of their journey, and help them grow?

Well if you answered yes to either of those, the new social fundraising application, Signed is your answer. Signed is a digital platform that gives independence back to creatives, freeing artists and creatives from financial dependency that many face.

How the app works is fairly simple:

The investor (you), are able to support and trade your favorite content creator, (whether that be a musical artist, influencer, or other creative), and while their value grows, so does your investment. Like crypto investing or traditional stock market investments, by purchasing a share of a creator's stock, you have the ability to trade their name at a higher value to a different buyer, making a return on your investment. You then are making money with your favorite talents, all while helping their careers.

If you are an artist or creative, the same applies. You would be able to receive investments to be used towards recording, marketing, graphic designs, anything to help your career, without being locked into a not so artist friendly contract many labels provide. Some familiar faces from Sheesh such as Prentiss and juno have already joined the platform.

Signed spoke to us about the launch saying, "Our mission at Signed is to create the most accessible, independent, and fun way to finance musicians. A market based on streaming numbers, fans now have the ability to gain a profit based off of their music taste. Musicians now have the ability to live independently of any label without having to sell their Intellectual Property."

You can learn more about the app on their website and start investing in your favorite rising creatives today.

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