Sundae Sauuce Celebrates 7 Years With A Night Of Music And Comedy

Marissa Duldualo

This past weekend at Baby’s All Right in NYC, we attended Sundae Sauuce's "Breaking Bread" secret showcase, featuring a lineup of brilliant comedians and artists. Breaking Bread is a phoneless event that unites the local community for a special night of entertainment. The event was founded and organized by Travis George, who focuses on giving back to local businesses while also highlighting talented upcoming artists. He expresses, “We showcase the best artists, no matter the size, we want to put on the best around, while also giving local businesses a place to sell their products.”

In the past, they've booked artists such as TOBi, Flozigg, Redveil, Kyle Lux, and Oddisee. For Breaking Bread's 7-year anniversary, they featured musical guests Asha Imuno, Yoshi T., Jackson Lundy, and Latrell James. The comedic lineup included Nataly Aukur, Petey DeAbreu, and Aminah Imani. Each act captivated the crowd with either incredible performances or humorous monologues. It was beautiful to witness a community of music and arts fans coming together for one night to celebrate the legacy of such a creative and generous platform. Be sure to check out Sundae Sauuce's socials to stay updated on all their content and upcoming events.

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