A Comprehensive Guide To Noah Kahan's Recent Collaborations: Volume 2

Riley Furey
Pooneh Ghana

Nearly three months ago I wrote the first volume of A Comprehensive Guide To Noah Kahan’s Recent Collaborations, and since Noah still hasn’t stopped releasing soul shattering collaborations, I am here to deliver you Volume 2.

My last piece left off hypothesizing that Hozier would jump on a remix of Northern Attitude, so this is where we’ll jump back in.

Northern Attitude (with Hozier)

As far as collaborations go, getting Hozier on a song has to be on even God’s bucket list. This was a partnership written in the stars that we could have only dreamed of, and it turned out as heavenly as it sounds like it should be. The live performance footage of this one in particular left me with the most FOMO, but it’s been made up to me by the 15+ listens I’ve given it since its release.

Everywhere, Everything (with Gracie Abrams)

Now this one was the most out of left field for me. I’ve been a huge fan of Gracie’s music for years now, and seeing her listed next to Noah Kahan on a track is mind boggling. It was yet another time that I assumed my music taste was still niche, and I was proven wrong by how viral this song and Gracie both have gotten in recent times.

Homesick (with Sam Fender)

Noah is on the record saying that ‘Stick Season’ probably wouldn’t have existed without Sam Fender blazing the trail first with songs like “Hypersonic Missiles.” This rendition of “Homesick” still includes the gut punching guitar solo from my friend Noah Levine who I spoke with on my first Sheesh write-up about Dial Drunk and covered on Producers To Watch In 2024, and it’s moments like this that further show the world how talented the team that works on these songs truly is.

This run of partnerships is possibly the best way an artist has ever paid homage to those who came before him or alongside him, and each one of these songs has touched me in a different way. All of his recent work has been fuel to the fire of his rapid ascent to the top of the music industry, and although it feels like this line of features may end soon, I still can’t help but to wonder what’s to come next. 

If I had to guess what would be the next feature, my first thoughts go to someone like Jason Isbell on “Strawberry Wine,” or “All My Love” with a band like Mt. Joy, but only time will tell as it pertains to this historic run.

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