Morgan Harper-Jones’ “Video Killed The Radio Star” and “Ships Passing” Is Another Example of Sync Music’s Takeover

Ian Hansen
Courtesy of Netflix

As traditional radio takes a backseat, film and TV become the new stage for emerging artists, and Morgan Harper-Jones is seizing this spotlight with her tracks, "Video Killed The Radio Star" and "Ships Passing," featured in Netflix's Love At First Sight. Her music is making waves beyond the screen, with "Ships Passing" claiming a spot in the top 10 of Shazam's US Discovery charts.

But it's not just about the film; Harper-Jones' music is, in a word, fantastic. "Ships Passing" kicks off with a charming acoustic guitar melody, her timeless harmonies weaving a spell. In a landscape where singer-songwriter music can feel a bit predictable, she injects a refreshing twist into the genre. "Video Killed The Radio Star" continues this trend, with harrowing synths paving the way for an upbeat track featuring an irresistibly repetitive yet catchy chorus.

What sets Morgan Harper-Jones apart is her ability to craft choruses that linger in your mind, ready to be hummed all day long—a skill that explains the choice to feature her music in the film. Heartfelt, contagiously catchy, and bound to put a smile on any listener's face, her music has the potential to propel her into stardom. Keep an eye out for Harper-Jones; she's a natural musician on the rise.

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