The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists of September 2023

Pictured: Bo Staloch

As we've unfortunately left summer behind and have slowly fallen into the steps that make-up our daily routines, there is one detail left to consider; who will become the soundtrack to our otherwise mundane lives. In the hopes of inspiring your next playlist and hopefully the soundtrack to your October, here's a lineup of 6 artists that completely owned September – and clearly have much more to offer in the coming months.

Bo Staloch

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Recommended Tracks: “Springtime Red Tulips,” “Down The Line”

Spotify Monthlies: 99,493

It's no secret that the folk renaissance is upon us, and that is only being further driven home as Summer makes way for the best season of the year; Fall. Many of us live within a Fall mindset all year, and I would have to say that Bo Staloch’s music is perfect for the season.

When listening to his debut single Springtime Red Tulips, I feel everything that I need to from a Texas-born folk artist. There is an ever-present southern drawl that reflects music coming from the state, but Bo gives us a new generation's take on the long-living sound. I've already been infatuated with the likes of Noah Kahan and Zach Bryan, and I feel like Bo is breaking

into the music scene at the perfect time to capitalize on the genre's rise in prominence. With only two releases it won't be hard for you to catch up, and there is no better time than now for you to buy into Bo Staloch. – Riley Furey

Emi Grace

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Recommended Tracks: “Golden Days,” “little things”

Spotify Monthlies: 16,149

Multi talented Southern California native, Emi Grace, shines on the electric guitar, piano, and her vocals with infectious energy. Well versed in indie, electronic, and alternative genres, her energetic vocals shine on tracks like “Golden Days.”

With a clean rasp to her tone, Emi delivers a golden aura to the bright production, and captures her audience with relatable messages within her songwriting. With almost 60k followers on Instagram, Grace posts a variety of videos showcasing her insane multi instrumental talent. – Ben Wego

Yoshi T

Hometown: New York City, NY

Recommended Tracks:” F* TASTE,” “MCQUEEN,” and “MY SANDBOX”

Spotify Monthlies: 61,759

Yoshi T. is fostering a contemporary sound in the alternative Hip-Hop/R&B space. His work often incorporates funky production elements with alternative synthy sound bits reminiscent of classic video game effects. He’s able to blur genre lines gracefully having worked with artists such as Younger Hunger and James Mantis on a more indie-rock-leaning track “TIME&PLACE.” His vocals boast a range of talents able to rap steady flows and tap into a gentle singing style. Yoshi T’s sound and range is comparable to the likes of Mac Miller, yet funky elements that play a defining role in his style set his music apart.

One of his more recent releases “F* TASTE” is a prime example of how Yoshi T can manipulate his voice to fit different styles while on the same track. The production is laid back similar to Yoshi’s flow and gradually becomes more high energy, producing an overall fun alt-hop-hop sound. The most streamed song “MCQUEEN” brings a fresh funky style and crosses over into the indie soundscape yet still a hip-hop track. Yoshi T’s sound and style is an overall feel-good vibe, fit for any occasion. – Milly Wensley


Hometown: Sacramento, California

Recommended Tracks: “Hers,” and “Eastside”

Spotify Monthlies: 9, 277

If you’re looking for an artist to invest your belief in while they’re still on the rise, Vonni might just be the investment you’re looking for. The Sacramento native’s connection to music started with writing poetry, a practice that eventually transfigured into flowing rap bars that he would use with his friends while spitting material in the back of their school. Since then, Vonni has positioned himself as a chameleon-like artist, outwardly self-assured yet intimately coy, a balance he strikes through impressive narrative flexibility.

On his debut EP To, Whoever he dedicates his project as an open book into who he is and what people should know about him, rapping about wallflower love interests, gratitude for his friends, and that tension-ridden period of outgrowing who you used to be according to your parents. Despite a sprawling mix of neo-soul, hip-hop, and lo-fi pop production credits that he experiments with in his breakout project, it’s his laid-back, personable bars in songs like “HERS” and “Girl in the Corner” that render the artist a natural lyricist, the same kind of compelling, low-key air he breathes into his artist persona. After moving to LA and signing with Good Talk Records, Vonni is preparing his upcoming project and gearing up for his next single “Look What You Did.” - Sundhya Alter

Julia Pratt

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Recommended Tracks: "A Little Love" and "Would it Kill Ya"

Spotify Monthlies: 475, 959

Philadelphia raised singer songwriter Julia Pratt is undeniably a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. she soulfully blends R&B, Indie, and pop to create a unique, smooth sound that transports listeners to a utopian musical universe. Her most recent release, featuring Mt.Joy, "A Little Love," took the internet by storm, even exceeding people's high expectations from her previous releases. This heartfelt collaboration between Julia Pratt and Mt. Joy struck a chord within me; her emotional lyrics and raw tone are unmatched in this collaboration.

While "A Little Love" stands as her most recent release, Julie's artist project has been nothing short of incredible over the past few years. Her diverse range of projects, from "Odyssey" to "Would it Kill Ya," solidifies her reputation as a multifaceted creative force who continuously surprises her audience with new emotions evoked with each new release - Stella Lefty

Ine’a J

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Recommended Tracks: "Wait 4 U" "Fantasy" "Planet J"

Spotify Monthlies: 132

Chicago based artist, Ine’a J is a surreal vocalist and creative songwriter. She takes R&B production to a whole different level by mixing trap-like beats and euphonious instrumentals. Recently she released her single, “Wait 4 U,” where immediately you can hear her soulful vocals along with an uplifting guitar and drum beat. Her beautiful flow perfectly blends in with each smooth beat, creating a pleasant and relaxing listening experience. I’m excited to see what Ine’a J has in store as she expands the horizons for R&B and soul. She’s an artist on the rise you should check out – with her debut EP The Colors on the way next month. – Marissa Duldulao

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