Take A Walk in Anya True’s Shoes

Ian Tsang

Anya True’s debut single foreshadows a bright future for the 14 year old recording artist. The track, "Sneakers," is a three minute self reflection for the singer - taking listeners on a ride through her struggles, happy place, and therapeutic antidotes.

Short and sweet, Anya demonstrates her masterful lyricism and new-found talent, paired with a soothing navigation of her vocal range.

“I’ve been scrolling around for something on my phone, but I’m around all my friends, why do I feel so alone...

Then I put on my sneakers to run away from it all, pretend that I’m not here to brace me from the fall,

Feels like I’m shrinking into something so small, so imma put on my sneakers and I won’t take them off.”

Anya True certainly writes relatable music that resonates with her audience - she’s just yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, adding "Sneakers" as the first of her discography shows her ability to produce breathtaking songs/visuals in an overly saturated market. It’s just a matter of time before the world discovers this underground talent on her road to success. Hiding behind her track lies the truth that the music industry’s future is in the hands of the young. Anya looks to pioneer the early teen movement - setting her sights on a breakthrough 2021 in which she’ll release her debut EP sometime in the first half of the year.

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