Tapped In: jocelvn

Conner Crosby

In only two songs, new artist jocelvn established a unique and appealing brand of contemplative R&B. Released at the end of last month, the second of the two singles, “Carry On,” showcased her meditative lyricism and hauntingly melodic vocals, with verses capturing the relatable desire for a person in one’s past to detach themselves from broken relationship and carry on with their lives into a hopefully happy future. While the song is of a somber tone, there is an air of warmth and optimism in her desire for the subject of the song to “hold onto some of the good,” and the song opens up into slightly more upbeat, percussive choruses that help deliver the understatedly raw power of her hook. ⁣

Last week was a big week, with a long-awaited music video released Thursday that adds breathtaking imagery to the emotional ambience of the song. Beyond that, jocelvn’s 6-track EP, featuring “Carry On” as the title track, released Friday, with more insightfully captured feelings and beautiful performances that will surely find their way onto your playlists.

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