THE BLSSM Delivers One For The Ages with ‘PURE ENERGY’ [EP Review]

Freddie Fine

THE BLSSM’s highly anticipated new EP, PURE ENERGY, is something extremely special. Throughout their discography, they have always been very transparent about their mental health, yet these five tracks more than ever take listeners inside THE BLSSM’s mind with room to reflect on their own. THE BLSSM deserves nothing but the absolute utmost respect and admiration from everyone, as they are vulnerably putting themselves out there and allowing anyone who struggles with mental health to never feel alone.

“I HATE SUNDAY” sets the stage for the project, as THE BLSSM explores the feelings they face following a breakup, singing, “Straight to the blade, I pass my feelings on, and on / To somebody else, I'll build a shelter now, you're gone.” They feel incomplete, constantly being held back from their potential due to the stress and anxiety they face everyday. James Ivy production contributes a hard hitting, guitar led instrumental, creating a comfortable environment for the listener. “DIZZY” provides even more introspection, combatting the social stigma and public perception of people who struggle with mental health. It was the first single off the EP and quickly became my favorite song of the year – it just gets better with each listen.

“EVIL TWIN” brings some contention to the song of the year crown, as THE BLSSM continues to explore the impacts the outside world has on their mental health while they struggle to escape their inner thoughts. They switch between direct dialogue with these thoughts and describing the effects they have on them, singing, “And I don't want them sleeping in my bed / I'm so strung out, I'm hanging by a thread.” No matter what, they cannot escape their thoughts – however “NOT TODAY” sees THE BLSSM begin to take back control over their head. Explosive production creates an inspiring aura around the track, perfectly matching with the message. Despite all the apparent issues with the day – broken air conditioning and lost wallet and keys – they are able to triumphantly rise above it all, singing, “When I ask myself if it’s going to be a bad day, I say not today.”

Last but not least, the EP’s closer “LITTLE KING” gives me chills every time I listen. Common collaborator Mark Lizotte, along with Johan Lenox and aldn provide a flurry of elements on the production, from vocal effects and layering to Johan’s signature strings. The track sees THE BLSSM fittiningly blossom into their own, finally being able to feel freed from the constraints of their mental health struggles. 

As THE BLSSM said in an Instagram post, “THIS IS WHAT POP SOUNDS LIKE TO ME. JUST FOR ME….and now for you.” It may not be an album but PURE ENERGY is certainly up there among the bests of the year, containing five immaculate tracks. Listen below:

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