The Hails Finally Release Fan Favorite, “Breathless”

Olive Soki

Florida’s finest five piece ensemble, The Hails, are regarded with something close to reverence and excitement from anybody plugged into the Florida scene. Having released singles and projects consistently and played their fair share of shows and festivals, you could definitely say they’ve earned this reputation. But if you needed a new year refresher as to why you should keep up with the band, their latest single, “Breathless” might just do the trick.

A cult-classic among their fans, “Breathless” has been in the making for nearly four years. Speaking on the capsule-esque nature of the track, lead singer Robbie Kingsley, reveals, “My vocals in the chorus are actually taken from our first recording session in 2019.”

Patched and re-patched overtime, the final product builds upon distant emotions, while still retaining those initial feelings. A dreamy composition woven with sweeping guitar chords (which, by the way, ends with a rather fitting exhale) this single is sure to leave you… well… breathless.

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