The Hails Return with Nostalgic Release, "In the Strangest Way"

Ian Tsang

Florida based quintet, The Hails, are back with their latest single: “In the Strangest Way.” Composed of Robbie Kingsley, Franco Solari, Dylan McCue, Andre Escobar, and Zach Levy, the five college friends blend upbeat and dreary – for an overall nostalgic sounding release. With laxed vocals and mellowly-played instrumentals, the group builds upon each others’ individual contributions to the track.

“Now that’s in the past. The structures collapse,

And the smoke hasn’t settled yet.

If you need me darling, I’m here.

Cause I’ve been waiting for the last year.”

With a grass roots story, The Hails’ success stems from their hallowed dorm room studio, which years later arose music’s latest streaming craze from the University of Florida. Their debut EP, He Seems Upset received widespread acclaim from various listeners and media outlets. And with things picking up, the group is vying for yet another classic as they prepare for their sophomore extended play. However, The Hails are sure to keep fans on edge: putting extra effort into revamping their sound and definitively changing it from the last. Speaking on it, the group said: “The sound of this EP will be vastly different from the next, yet the common thread is that it’s always The Hails’ touch.”

Regardless of their ever-changing sound, their loyal fans will be ready. Amassing millions of streams on their top played “Younger” and “Stay” – nearly seven and five million streams, respectively – it’s evident that fans are here to stay. And with the catchiness of “In the Strangest Way,” The Hails are seeing a hint of their bright future.

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