The Importance of Filipino American History Month in the Music Industry, From the Music Industry

As Filipino American History Month comes to a close, it’s important to highlight the music contributions that Filipino musicians have made in the music industry. Filipino American History Month is observed in October every year to mark the anniversary of the first recorded evidence of Filipinos in America. Below are quotes from Filipino artists and music industry professionals.


Rapper and Producer, EMPIRE; Bay Area

“Growing up, there weren't many Filipinos to look up to in the industry. It was really only Chad Hugo, but now there's many of us in it. To be able to represent is a true honor, and I take a lot of responsibility in it, and I understand that I won't be the last to do it, so everything I do I try to lay a road map for the next to come. It just makes me happy that people are able to see someone that resembles them and they feel seen and represented because at the end of the day, that's what people want."



RnB, Bedroom Pop, Warner Records; Phillipines-born, Austrailian-raised, LA based

"I’m proud to be born and raised in the Philippines and to be doing music in an industry that isn’t always easy coming from a background like mine. A big part of my goal is to inspire my fellow Filipinos who are aspiring to do music on a larger scale- even if there’s not a lot of us around. There’s plenty of talented Filipino muses and artists out there that I know deserve so much recognition if they just stay driven and ‘motivated’. I’m always looking forward to seeing more Filipinos that are from Phils doing big things and representing our community. It’s time we show the world what  we’re really capable of. 🇵🇭"


Drew De Leon

Co-Founder / Chief Community Officer @ The Digilogue

"Mabuhay! I'm super proud of my Filipino brothers and sisters in the Hip/Hop & R&B space from 90's groups like "Kai" to current artists like Manila Grey, Jess Connelly, Larrenwong, Twelly, John Concepcion, P-Lo, Shann, and more! It's been really dope to also see rising executives represented across the business side from labels, distributors, dsps, management companies, and more. Filipinos are one of the biggest diasporas in the world and my goal is to continue to bridge the music gap across Filipino artists and music professionals through education and ongoing support through my networks."

Drew De Leon


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