The Kid LAROI Drops Fiery New Single "WHAT JUST HAPPENED"

Ben Wego

The Kid LAROI is no stranger to cathartic heartbreak anthems (“WITHOUT YOU,” “STAY”), on “WHAT JUST HAPPENED” he conveys the frustrations he has in his relationship, through the perspective of a hangover – “I said some things that you shouldn't trust / Yeah, we both know you don't give a fuck / Friends with my girl, but you wanna fuck / What's your excuse? I'ma blame the drugs.”

LAROI struggles to get his partner to listen to him and instead wields harsh weapons of lethal words. He supplements the loneliness with drugs and alcohol – a mechanism that backfires into a web of deception and cruelty towards one another.

The Kid LAROI is brilliant at harmonizing rock influenced hooks with emo rap pop, with the comparable vocal range of his previous collaborators Justin Bieber and Juice WRLD.

“I don't know if we just crossed the line / 'Cause I don't even know what just happened / Everything I said last night was lies / 'Cause I don't even know what just happened.” The catchy hook and passionate vocals on “WHAT JUST HAPPENED” illuminates the Aussie singer’s incredible genre defying talent. “WHAT JUST HAPPENED” is definitely another hit from LAROI, a mastermind of fiery breakup songs.

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