The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists Of April 2024


Every month we select 6 artists that are having a moment or are poised to have one soon, and this month we're back with 6 more that will be instand adds to your underrated artist playlists. With that said, here is the lineup for April 2024.

Love Spells

Hometown: Houston, TX

Recommended Tracks: "Come Over And Love Me," "223's," and "Dope Sick"

Spotify Monthlies: 346,378

Love Spells is the project of a 19-year-old singer-songwriter named Sir Taegen C’aion Harris. The Houston, Texas native combines ethereal vocal harmonies with intentionally soothing psychedelic production, and gently captures you with a consistent theme of romanticizing love and heartbreak.

Recently, Pigeons & Planes enlisted Love Spell and Deb Never and released “Dope Sick” as the focus single on their infamous See You Next Year 2 compilation album, and this recognition has only further established Love Spells as an artist to keep your eye on. And funnily enough, “Dope Sick,” produced by Jack Laboz, was recorded at the famed Shangri-La studios, and it was the 19-year-old’s first time ever recording in a studio, leaving us to imagine the heights they could reach as experience and equipment accrue. – Ryan McGee

Felix Ames

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Recommended Tracks: "Mr. Weatherman," "2million," and "7711"

Spotify Monthlies: 116,798

Felix Ames - YouTube

Listening to any song from Felix Ames’ discography, it’s immediately made clear the genuine love and care put into the music he creates. Originally from Milwaukee and now living in Los Angeles, the artist released his first single, “Shoestring,” in 2022. Since then, he released his first LP, “JENA,” in 2023 and, doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Ames plays primarily within the spaces of Soul, R&B, and Funk, paying tribute to the origins of these sounds while also creating his own. He beautifully and thoughtfully explores lyricism throughout his discography which can balance both deeply personal and playful tones. On May 3rd, Ames released the Deluxe version of “JENA,” featuring three new tracks. The release emphasizes that Felix is a versatile and evolving artist and, that this is only the beginning for him. – Tawnie Vickers

hey, nothing

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Recommended Tracks: "i haunt your dreams," "The Sink," and "Flora"

Spotify Monthlies: 602,822

hey, nothing Shines On Their Debut Album 'We're Starting To Look Like Each  Other' [Album Review]
Photo by Will Wark

Paying homage to "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," the duo hey, nothing consists of Tyler Mabry and Harlow Phillips. Their musical journey began in high school, where they bonded over a mutual passion for creating folk-infused rock melodies. Drawing inspiration from indie rock icons like The Backseat Lovers and Slaughter Beach, Dog, the duo carves out a distinct sound that's both familiar yet refreshingly original. While Mabry's raspy, midwest emo-inspired delivery captivates listeners, Phillips' versatility also shines through, effortlessly transitioning from silky smooth to powerfully grungy tones. Their album “We’re Starting to Look Like Each Other” dives into personal struggles with relationships and substance abuse, and is delivered with a raw honesty that resonates deeply with listeners. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for what’s next from this Georgia duo. – Samantha DeCarlo

Olympia Vitalis

Hometown: London, UK

Recommended Tracks: "Curls," "Mardy," and "Fool's Paradise"

Spotify Monthlies: 22,200

Introducing... Olympia Vitalis - UD Music

Upon immediate impression, there is greatness within Olympia Vitalis’s music. Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Baby Rose, Mereba - there is a lineage that Olympia seems to fall into that is, to put it modestly, promising. Within her, these imperial influences take on new textures and hues - within Olympia’s universe, these voices appear to be planets in orbit, but Olympia places herself as the guiding force within. Effortlessly soulful and at ease within jazz landscapes, her three-piece single “Fool’s Paradise” places the artist on center stage, in command and comfortable in the position. Her trajectory does not intersect with the icons above - Olympia Vitalis appears to be rising parallel to her idols, on a path of her own with no bounds in sight. – Kieran Kohorst

Liam Brock

Hometown: Medina, OH

Recommended Tracks: "Burnt Away" and "Alone In My Clothes - Demo"

Spotify Monthlies: 8,703

Photo by Will Wark

Listening to Liam Brock makes you feel like you’re home. With a warm and inviting folk sound, his music reminds me of an intimate backyard concert you keep thinking about weeks after it's over. From a small town near Cleveland, Ohio, Brock is emerging onto the folk and indie rock scene. He recently was tapped for Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Folk playlists, as well as being the sole opener for Arcy Drive’s current run of shows. Coming from a family that runs a local makerspace that is becoming a hub of the city, Brock has cultivated a DIY approach to his own creative work. Acoustic tracks like “Alone in My Clothes - Demo” best show his raw, natural talent as a singer-songwriter. – Brooks Finby


Hometown: Seattle, WA

Recommended Tracks: "City In Motion," "SK[I]NCARE," and "Paranoia"

Spotify Monthlies: 74,000

Yonny is one of the up and comers right now that I feel the most excited about. His debut album ‘Ghetto Sunset’ is one of the strongest projects that I’ve ever heard, and his new music is on a path of maturation that is sure to reach the masses any day now. One of his most recent singles “City In Motion” has started to catch fire on streaming, and with his next single touted for a late May release, I have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot more about Yonny as the year goes on. – Riley Furey

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