"A New Sonic Universe from the Mind of The Weeknd" is Coming Friday

Freddie Fine

Late on Sunday, January 2nd, The Weeknd tweeted out an ominous request: “wake up at dawn tomorrow…” I stayed up until 3 am EST, only to see the release of an extended version of “Moth To A Flame” with Swedish House Mafia, and went to sleep disappointed.

6 hours later, at the crack of dawn in California, The Weeknd posted this video announcing his upcoming album dawn FM is releasing this Friday, January 7th:

The mantra “A New Sonic Universe From the Mind of The Weeknd” is just the beginning of the most alluring album announcement video I have ever seen. It appears to announce the feature list, including Jim Carrey, Quincy Jones, Tyler, The Creator, Lil Wayne & Oneohtrix Point Never. 

Jim Carrey seems to be a narrator across the album, with his first words coming before what could be the beginning of the intro track: “You're now listening to 103.5 dawn FM. You have been in the dark for way too long. It's time to walk into the light and accept your faith with open arms.” It goes on to include a 10 second snippet of the track, and suffice to say it is enough to create much excitement. 

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