Thutmose Unwinds With “Champagne On Ice”

Kieran Kohorst

Having already collected viral moments and major co-signs from other artists, Brooklyn-via-Lagos multi-hyphenate Thutmose deservedly feels its time to celebrate. His new single, “Champagne On Ice,” has a simple but valuable perspective at its core, where luxury is presented as a choice. “There’s a popular quote that asks, ‘would you rather cry in a Rolls Royce or on a bicycle,’ that’s what this song reminds me of,” Thutmose explains. “They say pain is inevitable but suffering is optional so even when I go through ups and downs in my life, I imagine going through it in a luxurious setting. That’s the world I want the listener to experience this song in.” The track is assuredly welcoming towards this mindset: the Afrobeat production is befitting of Thutmose’s cool approach, unbothered by the anxieties that may exist below the surface. He serenades with an easy charisma on the hook before diving into a determined second verse that fits inside the Afrobeats percussion and wilting piano. In his first release of the year, Thutmose sounds sharp as ever. 

“Champagne On Ice” is the latest in a string of singles since the artist’s debut LP Man On Fire was released in 2018. That project featured collaborations with Pink Sweat$ and Desiigner, with the album affording Thutmose the opportunity to support Billie Eilish on tour. His work on Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse distinguished Thutmose as the only independent artist to appear on the Grammy-nominated soundtrack. With plans to release an EP later this fall, things seem to just be heating up for Thutmose in 2024, and he’s right on time.

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