ThxSoMch Continues Insane Run with "CAROLINE"

Ian Hansen

Toronto’s next superstar, ThxSoMch, continues to push his emo-alt-rock sound to the next level following his smash hit, “SPIT IN MY FACE!,” with releases such as “Keep It Tucked” and “CAROLINE.” 

There is something so addictive about his brash vocals that keep me coming back for more. His ability to let his heartfelt and honest lyrics stand out in his verses and then transition into these earworm hooks over hypnotic guitar riffs, puts him above many.

“CAROLINE” is no different. Produced by the mastermind behind a lot of my favorite songs — “SPIT IN MY FACE!” and “Teeth” by Re6ce — right now, grayskies yet again creates another beautiful song with ThxSoMch

My interpretation of “CAROLINE” is clever wordplay of the haunting feeling of a toxic relationship. “Never thought I'd feel heartbreak until I looked at you and then I held my hand out” is a line that I am sure many people can relate to and highlights one of many instances of ThxSoMch’s clever oxymorons and songwriting.

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