anees Releases Long-Awaited Single “leave me”

Noah Schwartz

2022 has been a solidified breakout year for the rapidly rising artist out of Washington, D.C – anees. Following the massive success of his hit record “sun and moon” which accumulated millions of streams across DSPs in less than a week, anees is back with another single which many of us have been waiting for. Good news is the wait is finally over, and in my opinion it was well worth it. “leave me” has been in anees’ vault for 1.5 years now, but for a while it was just a demo missing a verse and a bridge. If you’re a day one fan, then I’m sure you remember anees on Instagram live with Justin Bieber back in the day. Well, Scooter Braun who we all know manages Bieber also happened to be a fan of anees. They ended up connecting and Braun helped finalize the song with anees, piecing together the lyrics as a duo. Here’s what they came up with:

“I love you enough to let you be free / So I can’t blame you baby it started with me / I loved you but left you in moments of need / We broke like the promise you helped me to keep / And baby, it kills me lately / Cause maybe I’m the reason why”

With that being said, the final version of “leave me” is a beautiful track piercing your emotions after just one listen. anees’ music has always been relatable and easy to connect to, but now you see his music is resonating with the rest of the world. He’s not an artist that’s a trend to fade away – anees is here to stay and will have longevity in this industry. Oh, and he’s still doing it independently, with his growing team. If you’ve ever been to a show of his then you’ll see with your own eyes how diverse the crowd is, as he taps into all age demographics, a rarity nowadays.

As the king of manifestation and speaking things into existence, it’s absolutely no surprise that anees is achieving everything he’s putting his mind and heart to. Gearing up for his debut album and embarking on another “Summer Camp” tour (Fall Edition), everything seems to be getting bigger and better. Keep running up the streams on “leave me” and go see him live if he’s coming to a city near you.

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