Vince Staples Reportedly Has Two New Albums Coming Soon

Rachel Guttman

While participating in an interview with comedian, Desus Nice, for GQ’s May issue, LA-based artist, Vince Staples, made it known that he will be releasing two albums in the near future. The first will be put out this summer and will be a self-titled LP, and the second will be another full-length album called Ramona Park Broke My Heart. The interview between Staples and GQ does not go into much detail regarding the new music: however, it also discloses that in addition to his album releases, his name will be featured in a Netflix show as well.

Vince Staples and Ramona Park Broke My Heart will be his first new projects since the release of his album, FM! in 2018. This album, produced by Kenny Beats, was the last project he created under Def Jam Records. Staples made the switch to Blacksmith Records in 2019, which was founded by his manager, Corey Smyth, in partnership with Capitol and Motown Records.

It has been a while since we have heard from Staples, but with these two anticipated projects surfacing shortly and a Netflix feature, we will be seeing a lot of him and I am thrilled to see what he has in store.

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