Who Is BEAN.?

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Elizabeth Marsh

With no shortage of competition in the city, Nashville-based band BEAN. has been carving a place out for themselves with their brand of funky, grounded R&B jams. Through the four tracks released so far from the enigmatic outfit, “patmos” has caught the most traction, featuring suave vocals and woozy instrumentals that set the tone for the rest of their discography. Confident and well-guided, BEAN. defies their status as an up-and-coming band through their sense of collective self. While still very much in evolution, the sound BEAN. has developed to this point is more than sustainable.

Effortless but intentional in their performance, recent singles “Good Things” and “Beautiful Mind” give way to the groovier impulses of the band. With their debut EP scheduled to arrive in the near future, BEAN. will be sharing one more single, titled “Malibu,” on May 24. There’s no better time to get familiar than now - otherwise, prepare to meet them at the top. 

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