Who is Nolan Barba?

Riley Furey

It is always a more difficult task to discover up and coming artists earlier in the year, and the one person whose music never ceased to blow my mind in the first quarter of the year lull period, was Nolan Barba. And while he himself just released his first song of the year on March 15th titled “everything is mine,” I have found myself diving into his limited, but scintillating discography since hearing “black ice,” which was released in mid-November.

The Minnesota native recently made the move to Tennessee for college, and has been putting the pedal to the metal as it pertains to making music. Barba lives with some of his biggest collaborators including Gabe Soundara, and I took the time out to learn even more about his come up in an interview we did earlier this month.

Nolan Barba is an artist who is reluctant to put his music under one genre, but you can expect to hear prominent 808’s, ear catching guitar riffs, and the kind of hyper pop distortion that we’re used to seeing from the greats of the genre. He is one of the most promising up and comers I’ve had the chance to tap in with for months, and I have a feeling 2024 will be nothing but kind to him. You can listen to my favorites of his on my playlist here, or listen to his most recent single, “everything is mine” below.

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