Who Is Camp Blu?

Olive Soki

Friendship goes a long way in all avenues of life. Always there to support us in our depths and encourage us when pursuing endeavors, there really is no better person with which to create something special. This is more or less the realization Angelo Ruiz came to when he enlisted his childhood friend Frank Ferer as a bassist in 2022 to join his, then two year old, musical project. August of that year Camp Blu, as we currently know them, released their first single (post-fusion) titled “Madame Murder” and the rest was history.

Inspired by the likes of Joy Division, The Smiths, and MGMT, Camp Blu’s discography delivers an atmospheric array of sounds that only adds to the emotion conveyed in their songwriting. Their latest single “Bloody Kisses,” a track adorned with a classic post-punk riff (think “disorder”),  an infectiously droopy bass, and a touch of lyrical desperation, serves as a great introduction to their sound.

From everything they’ve released so far and the general creative direction Camp Blu is taking, checking out their discography will definitely be worth your while.

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