Who is TDott?

Sundhya Alter

Emerging out of Canada’s rap scene, TDott has distinguished himself through his electric bars and punctuated delivery, conveying an ambitious energy that drives his craft. Surfacing with his first single in 2020, the Canadian rapper has since dropped his EP Against All Odds in 2021. The rising artist has kicked off 2023 with two new tracks, his most recent single “Toxic Love” an R&B inspired song showcasing TDott’s evocative versatility with sound.

Up until now, TDott has delivered a consistent stream of singles cramming in a mix of trap and drill-style bars about growing up in the six, stacks of YSL tags, and the grind to the top. His most recent release switches things up showing us a softened side of the Canadian artist, coated in melodic beats and drawn-out lyrics about our generation's approach to love. “Toxic Love” digs into the push and pull of pride and vulnerability, the conditional attachment that we mistake for the security of unconditional love. Using a stretched-out mellowed bass, his vocal endurance stands out against the minimal instrumental, like his previous releases, its TDott's catchy lyricism and snappy on-the-beat flow that make him an exciting new artist to watch.

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