Who is Keni?

Miles Opton

It’s shocking to me that Keni has not become a name all pop-lovers know. Packing in stellar production with her fresh cinematic vision, this 19-year-old is breaking musical boundaries.

Through her storytelling and well-designed imagery, Keni has created an all-encompassing musical personality that may be one of the most inspirational of 2021. Sounding as if she has the industry support of Olivia Rodrigo, this independent artist is proving that talent and perfectionism are still all it takes to make great art.

Her fourth single, “Big Enough,” is a perfect entry into the world of Keni. Displaying exceptional songwriting, she taps into the dynamic of an overly reliant relationship. Keni belts, “My shirt’s not big enough for two,” as she takes a step back from her partner. Supported by illustrious and grungy production, Keni takes this song from another pop tune to an encapsulating experience impossible to miss. 

Become an early fan before she hits the charts by streaming her tracks below

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