Who is Nate Traveller?

Timothy Weber

Florida has become a hotbed for its own unique brand of alternative pop, and Nate Traveller is the next up and coming name that everyone needs to know. Mixing alternative pop, rnb, and rap with that signature chill feel that we've come to know from other Floridian artists such as Dominic Fike, ALX, and Contradash, Nate has something special on his hands with a sound that is only going to grow in coming years.

With a more relaxed, rnb-esque vibe than his contemporaries, Nate is able to carve out a spot for himself – and people have been taking notice. Racking up 1.7 million Spotify streams on "All I C Is U" from his last album Hunny, and boasting 357,195 monthly listeners, the numbers don't lie, Nate is up next. "All I C Is U" exemplifies all the characteristics that make Nate great: dreamy vocals, gorgeous reverb, and charming lyrics – if you have a chill playlist, this one's a necessity. Check out his music below and dive into his catalogue before a big 2021.

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