Ian Hansen

If you want to listen to authentic hip hop with blends of different styles, LOS KEMET is a quintessential listen. I first came across his music and figured he was from the south, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint where. It turns out he is from Jackson, Mississippi, and has lived all over from the likes of Atlanta, Memphis, and Chicago.

It is clear he has taken inspiration from all over to pave his own unique lane in hip hop. He recently released his exquisite track, “Bron Money,” which has that flare of charming soul, yet thundering punch in the beat and deliveries. The chopped up strings and vocals that play throughout puts LOS KEMET in the driver seat to showcase his abilities as an emcee. He has witty one-liners and lyrics that puts his career and money first.

I can’t wait to see how LOS KEMET continues to evolve his sound throughout the year because he is one of the rawest new rappers in the game right now, and he is only getting started.

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