Who is Matte?

Ian Hansen

Los Angeles singer and songwriter, Matte, has begun his journey to the top with his first release of 2022, “Innocent.” He only has one single on DSPs at the moment, but it is very impressive. The conscious pop/R&B single is produced by Kris Riddick-Tynes and tells the story of committing to someone but having the fear of losing interest.

He describes the track being about a guy cheating on a girl and how innocent she is. His ability to sing effortlessly over R&B-inspired production, with a relaxing guitar melody and vocal chops throughout prove just how talented he is. He stands out with his ability to have pop-inspired harmonies and flows over minimal and spacious production.

Matte is new to the game as an artist, but is already off to a bang. I can’t wait to watch his journey through the music industry and see what else he has on the table.

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