Who is Kid Navi?

Olive Soki

It always feels good to be the friend who’s attuned to pop-culture. To be aware of what is currently happening in music, as well as having an idea of what is to come, is a valuable contribution to any friendship. So, if you are the pop-culture connoisseur of your friend group – which if you’re reading this, you must be – or looking to expand your radar, you should definitely check out Kid Navi.

Talented and ambitious, the 18 year old musician has his eye set on the prize. Having amassed a fair amount of streams with his first three songs, and about 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, things are looking up for Kid Navi. Inspired by NF and Juice World, Navi has cultivated his own blend of melodious rap. These qualities are heard on a track like “Leave Me Alone,” which starts with a bright guitar riff before the song shifts into a beat drop. His most recent single, “Rio,” follows a similar path. Featuring a cumulative assortment of instruments (piano, brass, guitar, and percussion) in the intro, the song only really starts when he comes in, guns blazing, alongside his signature drop, ready to have a good time.

From what we’ve gathered so far, Kid Navi is definitely an artist to keep in mind this year. So make sure to spread the word, stream “Rio,” and stay tuned for more music.

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