Who is Seago?

Brooks Finby

Seago, a.k.a. Jordan Kelman, hails from Brampton, Ontario. Currently based in Toronto, the twenty-eight-year-old cites Drake as his biggest influence; “Maybe that’s patriotism,” he jokes. Seago describes his sound as “a tad bit outlandish but still simple and pop sensible.” His desire to create music manifested when he listened to 808s and Heartbreak for the first time. “It was the first CD I ever got,” he added, “those melodies awakened something in me.” He began dabbling in music around ten years ago but started pursuing it seriously as a songwriter when he graduated college in 2019. “I was inspired by PARTYNEXTDOOR and tried to get my foot in the door through my writing,” he told me over Zoom. Seago released his first single, “LAWN,” in June 2022 and has quickly amassed 180,000 monthly listeners in under two years. 

Kelman is fully locked into making his dreams a reality.“I’ve been slowly teaching myself piano on YouTube,” he commented, “I also watch a lot of videos breaking down the creator economy, like Colin and Samir’s channel. Music is pretty much all I think about and do. Even in my spare time, I’m at concerts.” His latest release, “TICKETHOLDER,” is an ode dedicated to avid concert-goers:

“I’ve been to a lot of shows by myself and when you’re alone at concerts, you have no choice but to take everything in. How do people receive artists? I was studying concerts on a social level. I began noticing when people started talking during a show and how they treated the headliners. I made the track out of appreciation for concert culture, but I also listed some gripes I have too.”

“TICKETHOLDER” is another single off Seago’s upcoming EP: SILVER. The title represents the dual meaning of silver as a symbol for second place as well as the silver lining. He elaborated, “It means being undervalued but still accepting where you’re at. Maybe you’re not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but you still believe that there is some so you keep going. Anyone can go viral, but being able to scale virality is a different story. I want longevity.”

Listen to Seago’s latest release, “TICKETHOLDER,” available now on all streaming platforms. 

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