Who is Omar Thaher?

Freddie Fine

Toronto based Omar Thaher is an influencer, artist, but most importantly, an inspiration. He has amassed an immense following on social media, raking in almost 500k followers between TikTok and Instagram through displaying his incredible weight loss journey. “heaven is a place on earth” is Omar’s first song released, yet it sounds like it comes from a seasoned veteran.

The song begins with an enticing melody, and as it progresses it only brings you in more. Omar’s voice is put on display in many ways, whether that’s his raw voice on the verses intertwined with background vocals, harmonies in the chorus, or distorted vocals in the outro. However, the catchy, pop-feeling song brings much more to the table than just that – Omar uses his music as a form of therapy and healing.

The message in “heaven is a place on earth” rings true to much of what he stands for across his social media presence. “The song addresses the unrealistic high expectations mainstream media can put on people, and advocates for body positivity,” Omar told us. “We are all perfectly imperfect in our own way, and hopefully this song serves as a reminder of that.” He is not only able to address a very prevalent topic that lacks a presence in music, but also channels his own experiences to create the positivity driven single.

Can’t wait to see what is to come from Omar Thaher! Check out his debut single below:

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