Who is Jocular William?

Perry Avgerinos

With his debut self-titled EP acting as a formal introduction to his music project – meet Jocular William. With a tone that instantly captures your attention, the Newton, Massachusetts born artist is here, and comes baring gifts, with not one, but three new tracks to give us a taste of the versatility Jocular William has to offer.

Jocular Williiam, which was produced by phin in its entirety, begins with the snappy piano driven, "To The Moon," where you hear the personality of Jocular really start to reveal itself, within his tone and pronunciation of certain words, his playful ad-libs, and his smooth chanty chorus melodies. With the second track, "Ooowee," my personal favorite, the 808's instantly set the mood for Jocular to exude pure swagger and attitude, a tasteful blend for your versatile banger needs for game day or pre games. And finally, we have "Mariiokart," a Princess Peach inspired adventurous track, seemingly a perfect fit for the Mario Kart games, where Jocular's singing is put on display, reminiscent of a Danny Brown / Chance The Rapper in tonality, yet still not directly comparable to any artist.

It's always exciting seeing new artists launch their projects, and as a music lover, I want to see every artist succeed. Jocular William is entering the scene with something solitary, and just different – which is the most encouraging thing to see an artist achieve already in a saturated industry. Listen to his debut below:

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