Who is Portion?

Ben Wego

With the rising popularity of rap music infused with auto-tuned melodies and catchy hooks (eg. Don Toliver, Gunna), comes Canadian freshman rapper, Portion. Portion’s talent is indicative through his trap flow intertwined with lyrics that reflect struggles of entering the music industry and perseverance in unbridled situations. Portion has received recognition through his track “Wave” blasting at Lakers games and opening for rapper OGHEESY.

On his new track “Downfall,” Portion’s atmospheric rhymes are cocooned in impeccable production. He reveals the track was inspired by the ambivalence of the people within his own circle who he once believed were his friends only to realize they were praying on his downfall.  Much of Portion’s music is enhanced by the deep insight he provides about the struggles he has endured on his journey of becoming a rapper and taking on the music industry. This experience is something many people go through within the music industry and is the main takeaway Portion leaves for his listeners on this new single. 

Portion is continuing to prove his success to those who doubted him and is now supporting YSL rapper Strick on his Summer 2023 Who The F*ck is Strick Tour in New York and Toronto. Portion is carving a new name for himself in the rap game with his contagious swagger and visionary lyrics. 

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 14,663

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