Who Is Sydney Ross Mitchell?

Milly Wensley

Singer-songwriter Syndey Ross Mitchell was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas where she grew up listening to early 2000’s country tunes. She was interested in music from an early age despite not having much of a musical family background. The music came very naturally to Sydney and she always found songwriting to be her best outlet. As she began developing her passion into a career she decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee alongside her mentor. Here Sydney spent time songwriting and taking inspiration from the city around her. Eventually moving back to her hometown to record her first EP and then onto LA where she’s now based.

We have yet to see Sydney’s debut EP release, but she has been steadily releasing singles for the past two years. Her latest release “The Edge” has a very gentle and nostalgic sound to it. She’s taken inspiration from her country upbringing and contemporary influences to create a new sound of "Folk Dream Pop." The production strays from typical country songs with a more dynamic modern sound. Sydney’s voice is soft and often compliments her production beautifully sounding equally as ethereal. “The Edge” is that of an unfinished love story, speaking of a past relationship and what could’ve been. 

All of Sydney’s music is experiential based, describing things she's been through or ways she perceives relationships with people. Her music is perfect for your new fall vibes playlist as the season approaches – singing of relationships in a coming of age sound and style, fit for a movie soundtrack. Sydney’s catalog is small but you can tell each song was written very intentionally and boast here talents. I must recommend “I Wish You Were Lonely” as this is her biggest single to date, for good reason.

Monthly Listeners: 7,144

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