Who is viisi?

Ben Wego
SJ Spreng

Indie artist, viisi, Based on the Finnish word for “five," representing past, present, and future, confidently blends rap and pop through his raw storytelling. With strong influence from 90’s rappers, viisi transforms flavors and flow into pop mastery that is melodically addictive and incredibly candid. 

His single "hate u" is a breakup anthem that puts all the negativity towards an ex into a tongue-in cheek perspective through fresh rhymes - “I hate your face / I hate your body / I hate the way you always treat me like a hobby.” “god damn!” is a catchy slow burn, featured on Spotify’s Varsity Bars playlist, that shares the point of view of being in a needy situationship - “Before you wake up in the morning / I’m vanishing without a trace / All I hear is I don’t know I don’t know / You never leave my ass alone / God Damn!”. 

viisi is amusing in his satirical narration, confident in his lyrical rhythms, and moving in his ability to marry genres.

Current Spotify Monthly listeners: 54, 228

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