Will Smith and Jay-Z Back Landis in $165 Million Funding Deal

Rachel Guttman

Jay-Z and Will Smith have backed FinTech startup company, Landis, to bring their total fundraising amount to $182 million in total. Landis is on a mission to help Americans achieve homeownership in addition to financial education. CEO and co-founder, Cyril Berdugo, and co-founder, Tom Petit, created Landis with a goal of delivering great social impact with their efforts focused on assisting renters in moving towards homeownership.

This funding round was led by Sequoia Capital and these efforts mark the largest funding round for Landis to date. Some other investors involved in this round include Arrive, a Roc Nation company and Will Smith’s Dreamers VC. The existing funder was Signia Venture Partners.

Berdugo shared that, “what makes these efforts unique is our ability to coach anyone to homeownership.” He added that, “this new funding will allow us to help more Americans on their path to homeownership by expanding to new states, hiring talent nationwide, and providing a better experience to our clients, partner agents, and lenders.” Petit expanded on his statements and said, “we understand that people can fall on tough times, but no one should be locked out of homeownership forever.”

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