WizTheMc Offers Fans a Place of Solace with 'Where Silence Feels Good' [EP Review]

Courtney Fields

WizTheMc just dropped his well-anticipated Sophomore EP, Where Silence Feels Good. I say well anticipated because PAPER Magazine, Notion, and HotNewHipHop were raving about Wiz’s four singles “Stoned Nights”, “Do It Over,” “Break,” and “Everything." Initially, fans may ask themselves what the title of the EP even means. For me, silence feels good when I just wake up in the morning or driving on a summer night with the windows down and the music blasting. Although the EP yet again proves the 22-year-old artist’s ability to jump seamlessly from genre to genre, the project isn’t about sounds… it’s about silence. Silence can be uncomfortable, thought-provoking, relaxing, or even dangerous. For Wiz, silence seems to either be the peak of romance, or some sort of spiritual revelation. I know being able to be silent with your special person may be beautiful and all; but enough about silence… let’s get into the music.

All 7 tracks on “Where Silence Feels Good” are emotional, good thing “emotional” doesn’t necessarily dub something as sad… so listening to this EP won’t leave you completely heartbroken before Valentine’s Day. Maybe this will leave listeners a bit heartbroken, after having this project on repeat over the weekend, I realized it had me explore all of the stages “love” takes one through. “Premature Love” is refreshing, and relatable. We’ve all been victims to being in the “getting to know each other phase” while simultaneously visualizing being together with that person, forever. Wiz explores this notion throughout “Premature Love.”

Right after “Premature Love” comes “Break." Ironic or on purpose? Either way, I feel it’s a pretty accurate follow-up, as depressing as that may sound. “Break” focuses more so on the feelings after the relationship didn’t go as intended. Yes, the same relationship that you visualized in your head after 3 days of texting.“Do It Over” is the last phase of love in my eyes; the phase where you contemplate if you’re stupid or not. Virtually every relationship has its ups and downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly so to speak. At some point, we may find ourselves willing to rekindle the love we once yearned for. Other times we realize it isn’t worth it. “Where Silence Feels Good” is an exploration of one’s self, of the thoughts that sit in our heads every day. It’s an exploration of sounds and styles, it’s life.

Life is loud and loud, it’s love and heartbreak. It’s about being able to find some sort of peace within life’s infinite uncertainties. The EP may leave you either yearning for love, disgusted by it, or finding where silence feels good this Valentine’s Day. Either way, we can thank Wiz for dropping yet another no-skip project; and we can look forward to more from the “genreless” artist in the future.

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