Working On Dying Picks of The Summer

Marissa Duldulao

In today’s hip-hop scene, you may have heard the producer tag of Working On Dying on various projects. Constantly evolving, ever since its inception in 2012 by F1lthy and Oogie Mane, Working On Dying is the most influential producer collective of our generation. These past few months, they have worked alongside the most outstanding genre-bending artists of the hip-hop scene such as, Lil Uzi Vert, Cochise, Young Thug, Fimiguerrero, Lancey Foux, DC The Don, SoFaygo, and more. 

“HE HE” and “KANEKI” - Cochise

In May, rapper Cochise released his EP NO ONE’S NICE TO ME with tracks “HE HE” and “KANEKI,” produced by BNYX. On “HE HE” you get the satisfaction of the upscale beat with the 808 and snare patterns. Then on “KANEKI,” Cochise’s quick-paced flow is smoothly mixed  and blended with the beat. BNYX’s production was perfectly executed on both tracks matching the energy of the whole EP. 

“URGENT” - DC The Don

The melodic rapper, DC The Don paired up with ilykimchi, Oogie Mane, and Darkboy Santana on the production of “URGENT,” on his latest album, FUNERAL. This song has a very upbeat and synthpop sound. This is one of my favorite beats produced by one of my favorite producers, ilykimchi. She has such a wide range of structure when it comes to producing. Having worked alongside artists such as Ken Carson, Ski Mask The Slump God, TiaCorine, and Teezo Touchdown she displays her creative production skills through their tracks. Kimchi also happens to make her own electronic/alt-pop music similar to this track.

“ON THE MOON” - SoFaygo 

Following the last release of his 2022 album Pink Heartz,SoFaygo dropped his energetic production album, GO+, this past June. The track “ON THE MOON” was written and produced by BNYX. This hard-hitting beat is something everyone should hear, especially live. BNYX and the rest of Working On Dying never misses on making a perfect mosh pit song like “ON THE MOON.”

“Hellcat Kenny” - Young Thug featuring Lil Uzi Vert

You most likely have heard the producer tag “Wake Up F1lthy” in the most popular hip-hop tracks by Playboi Carti, Lucki, or Ken Carson. Filthy is no unfamiliar name to the hip-hop producer scene as he makes the most notable beats in the music industry. Last month, when Young Thug released his third studio album Business is Business, F1lthy hopped on the production of the track “Hellcat Kenny,” alongside LA-based record producer Jonah Abraham. Filthy didn’t disappoint with his catchy 808s matching the layered synths and the adlibs of Thug and Uzi, while they rap about luxurious cars.

Pink Tape - Lil Uzi Vert 

I believe the long-awaited Uzi album, Pink Tape, is definitely one of Working On Dying’s most notable production projects. With this album, they were able to showcase their versatility on eleven out of twenty six tracks. Some of these tracks include, “Aye” featuring Travis Scott, “Spin Again,” and “Suicide Doors.” The production of these tracks was perfectly structured by BNYX, Brandon Finessin, Oogie Mane, and former member of the collective, Forza. The flawless arrangement of these eleven tracks masters the representation of Uzi’s rockstar persona, keeping in mind that the collective has built a close relationship with the Philadelphia rapper over the years.

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