Freddie's Finds, Vol 49: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome back to Freddie’s Finds Volume 49, featuring greek, míra x Oranje Space x Kuomo, and Conor Burns.


Nothing beats falling in love with a new artist at a concert – the exact feeling I had when I saw greek open for Weston Estate this past weekend. With an incredible live band and even better live voice, everything about his performance made me an instant super fan. 

During his 30 minute set, he took a moment to play his latest release, “VIRGINIA CREEPER,” and although it only came out two days prior and nobody knew the words, everybody was dancing. Groovy, nostalgic production pairs perfectly with greek’s delicate vocals, blending high pitched backing vocals with powerful lyricism, singing, “I wish you'd love me now / I miss you when I'm alone / If you love me now / Oh dear god just take me home.” It is safe to say greek is already living up to the high expectations he set in 2022 – expect nothing but greatness to come from the rising star.

“on my way” by míra featuring Oranje Space and Kuomo

It is time for everyone to get míra on their radar. The rising artist has really grown into his own, emerging into an alt-rock sphere fueled by his versatile vocals, and no song demonstrates this more than his latest single, “on my way” featuring Oranje Space and Kuomo. Speaking on the meaning of the track, míra shared, “‘on my way’ is about the drive home leaving your lover's place, and all the thoughts you’ve left them with, good and bad, cause at the end of the day they hope you make it back alive. And of course hoping they forgot something they have to come back to get.” The solemnly sang opening line “I’m on my way home” over lightly strung acoustic guitar portrays this scene perfectly, before blossoming into an emotionally charged rock instrumental. The three artists style’s all work perfectly with one another’s, creating for a very fluid three minutes. With an EP on the way soon, míra has got everything clicking. 

“Big Man” by Conor Burns

Conor Burns is churning out music this year. With a new single arriving on the second Friday of every month, there will be plenty to tune into for the next 6 months, beginning right now with “Big Man,” his third release in this series. A more pop-leaning record, “Big Man” sees Conor create a coming of age love story, kicked off with an emotion riddled intro over stripped back production. Distorted vocals line the rest of the track, playing off dramatic, bellowing transitioning vocals. The accompanying one shot music video, directed by Conor himself and Jaxon Whittington, sees Conor dancing in a field as the camera slowly zooms out throughout the near four minute track. Conor Burns has a lot more up his sleeve for the rest of 2023 – keep an eye out.

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