Artist Spotlight: XYLØ

Perry Avgerinos

XYLØ – the former sibling duo, now solo project is led by the edgy pop phenom Paige Duddy. The California singer/songwriter was raised in a music household, naturally stimulating her passion for songwriting and voicing her truth. Having grown up collaborating with her brother Chase Duddy in the early days of the project, they performed at festivals nationwide and earned a platinum plaque for their collaboration track "Setting Fires" with The Chainsmokers, all while making black your new favorite color. Since becoming a solo artist, XYLØ has been shining in her own right, most recently releasing her album "The Ganglands Of My Heart." A standout single from the project, "Tongue In The Bag," features atmospheric pads, powerful pipe organ chords, and XYLØ's persuasive tone.

She shares, "I've spent the last 9 months discovering myself as a young woman and as a singer/musician - with all the ups and downs that it brings. The new music is about what I've gone through during this time, from living on my own for the first time, to facing the changing relationships in my life." As her sound continues to evolve, we'll be right here patiently waiting for new music.

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