Yoshi T. Walks Into the Year in Style with His New Single, "MCQUEEN"

Olive Soki

The promise of summer is in the air, and Yoshi T. is here to contribute to the vibe shift with his new song, “MCQUEEN.” Following his 2018 debut album, Kumo Mono,  and last year's single “WHO AM I.” Yoshi is back, as he marks his grand entrance into the new year in style.

Sunny and a certified head bopper, “MCQUEEN” is the perfect mix between hip-hop and R&B with a pinch of funk. Rather than a carbon-copy of sounds, the track bursts with hints of recent musical influences, while distinctly remaining a unique product of Yoshi’s musical instincts. One way to look at it is a mix between Mac Miller’s “The Spins” and a flamboyant version of Steve Lacy’s Apollo XXI.

Stacked with various instruments and production elements, he still manages to leave room to appreciate each of its intricate layers. Take, for example, the last 30 seconds of the song. Designed to push the listener to enjoy a vocally stripped version of the track, this outro shows that it still holds up as such. Along with the tasteful addition of cowbells, which feel enthusiastically appropriate rather than obnoxiously overdone, “MCQUEEN” is filled with melodious gems waiting to be uncovered.

Regardless of my attempts to describe the track, it simply cannot be contained within my keyboard and your screen. “MCQUEEN” is a song meant to be experienced at its fullest. Whether it be enjoyed solo, or with your closest friends, Yoshi T. is guaranteed to lift your spirits, and make every listen one to remember.

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