5 Young Musicians Making Noise in 2021

Nate Fenningdorf

Superstars have never had an age minimum. Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, and countless other musical idols hit the stage before they could even get behind the wheel. With the increasing influence of social media platforms, young acts are becoming even easier to spot. Here are five of my favorite young artists emerging onto the scene in 2021:

5. Claire Rosinkranz

At 17 years old, Claire Rosinkranz has already become a main-stream pop star and a viral sensation. Surpassing 186 million streams on Spotify alone, the California artist has displayed unparalleled musical abilities, drawing fans from across the world. Releasing hit songs like “Backyard Boy,” “Frankenstein,” and “Hotel,” Claire has made it clear that she’s here to stay.

From posting snippets of her singing new songs on Tik Tok, to creating polished masterpieces, Claire allows fans to follow along with a song’s creation. The ability for fans to see how a song began, developed, and finished is something that keeps them engaged. Furthermore, her catchy, relatable lyrics make listening to her music effortless - and fun. Describing her own music as “alternative-blues-pop,” her genre bending sound will undoubtedly grow in popularity as she continues to drop more music. With the help of her production wiz dad, Ragnar, Claire will keep coming out with hits. This is Claire’s world, we’re just living in it.

4. Lilyisthatyou

20 year old Lilyisthatyou burst onto the scene with her smash hit “FMRN.” The clean production, perfectly distorted vocals, and empowering lyrics leave a listener with all they can ask for. Although she has only released two songs, Lilyisthatyou is in the midst of an industry takeover. The Toronto artist is averaging approximately 300k daily streams on Spotify, which has launched her into the mainstream music sphere. Through social media, Lilyisthatyou shows her outward and confident personality, giving fans an inside look into the life of an unapologetic 20 year old.

From the first snippet posted of “FMRN” on Tik Tok, the song blew up, racking up over 1.5 million likes. Then Tik Tok took it down. After re-uploading the video, the Tik Tok blew up yet again. Tik Tok's algorithm can make your dreams come true, and it did just that for Lilyisthatyou. As the vibrant artist continues to climb through the industry, expect her to continue leveling up, reaching new heights with each new drop.

3. 347aidan

The 18 year old artist has successfully paved his way into the industry. After dropping his hit song “Dancing In My Room,” 347aidan has already stepped up his game, linking with producer Kenny Beats to make “IDWK.” The Cambridge, Ontario artist has over 230 million combined streams on Spotify, with over 4.4 million monthly listeners. 347aidan, whose real name is Aidan Fuller, began to gain traction online after a creator posted a video on Tik Tok dancing to the unreleased song “Dancing in My Room.” From there, Aidan blew up. With lyrics that spoke to the times, “Dancing in My Room” was the perfect anthem for a generation of kids stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through his unconventional, alternative DIY music, 347aidan has resonated with tens of millions of fans across the world. Moving forward, all eyes will be on the rising star as he continues to drop timely, anthemic hits.

2. Jelani Aryeh

Coming off the drop of his debut album, I’ve Got Some Living to Do, 20-year-old artist Jelani Aryeh’s music is trending upward. His unique sound began to gain traction after the 2019 drop of “Stella Brown,” a song that elegantly details the past relationships of Aryeh. With 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, The San Diego artist has gained attention from numerous publications, citing his vulnerability and sensibility.

Aryeh hasn’t always thought of himself as an artist. At one point in time Aryeh, a stand-out football player, thought he would get a scholarship to attend college for football. He unexpectedly hurt his head, ending his notable football career and commencing his career as an artist. With all of his attention focused on music, the “From These Heights” artist could finally commit to his artistry. We are now accustomed to his idiosyncratic music and style, and we love it. Hop on board the Jelani Aryeh train now, because it isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

1. Glaive

The 16-year-old artist, known for his distinctive sound and creativity, is becoming the face of a rising genre of music called “hyperpop.” Glaive's addictive melodies and outlandish production come together to create music that has been labeled as “the future of pop.” From his bedroom in Henderson, North Carolina, Glaive is taking the music industry by storm. With over 850,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and over 13 million streams on his breakout hit “Astrid,” Glaive is primed to take over pop music.

The growing fanbase of hyperpop will undeniably lead to further success in the future for talented artists like Glaive. His willingness to put industry norms behind him and focus on creating his own sound is why he blew up, and it is why he will continue to flourish. Glaive is like fine wine, the longer we wait, the better he’ll get.

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